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TransMagic R11 Release Notes---新增功能

发布日期:[2014-10-10]    共阅[2979]次
    TransMagic R11 Release Notes
TransMagic R11发行说明
新增功能 (9/24/2014)

New and Enhanced Features /新增功能和增强特性
Translate Features /转换功能:

1.New CAD Read Version Support /新CAD读取支持版本:
  Upgraded to STEP AP 242 /升级至STEP AP 242

2.New Supported Formats /新增支持格式:
  SolidEdge Read / SolidEdge读取
  SMLib Read and Write / SMLib读取和编辑
  Collada (.dae) Read and Write / Collada (.dae) 读取和编辑
  POD Read and Write / POD读取和编辑
  3D PDF Write/3D PDF 编辑
  JT ‘Config File’ Support / JT 配置文件的支持
  Rich TransMagic (TMR) Format / 丰富TransMagic格式

3.Mode Based Definition (MBD) Features / 基本模式定义功能:
  View MBD Meta-Data – View all views and captures embedded in a part or assembly. Each view can be reviewed, exported to images/Excel/HTML, printed, or sent to the View Browser. Individual GD&T symbols and items are listed comprehensively for dynamic selection and review of semantic associativity to the geometry.
  显示MBD模式的数据:显示所有在某个零件或装配总成中的视图和捕捉细节。所有的视图可以修订,输出为images/ Excel/ HTML的格式,打印,或发送到显示浏览器。个别GD&T符号和项目的动态数据等几何参数可以被列出.
  Associative PMI/Meta-Data – Support of semantic associations in native formats. Select a dimension and the corresponding geometry will be highlighted in TransMagic.
  关联程序管理指令的数据 – 在原始格式中支持语义关联。选择一个尺寸和相应的几何数据会在TransMagic 中高亮显示。
  Associative PMI Meta-Data Read and Write – Creates PMI in formats where PMI is not natively supported. TransMagic converts the PMU to polylines for 3D Viz-rep formats or wire-frame geometry for 3D B-Rep formats, allowing PMI to travel with any format into any application, regardless of true native PMI support.
  关联程序管理指令数据的只读和编辑 – 可以在原先未支持程序管理指令的格式中创建程序管理指令。TransMagic 转换PMU为3D Viz-rep 格式的线段或3D B-Rep的线框模型几何,允许程序管理指令在任何应用程序中使用,不管原始支持的程序管理指令。
  Semantic PMI Write – Export semantic PMI to JT, 3D PDF, and TransMagic (TMR) formats. Export graphical PMI to any other supported 3D formats in TransMagic.
  语义程序管理指令编辑- 输出语义程序管理指令到JT, 3D PDF,和TransMagic (TMR) 格式。输出图像的程序管理指令到任何在TransMagic支持的3D格式。
  PMI Browser – Browse individual PMI, GD&T, dimensions or notes in separate views. Scroll, edit and control PMI data information including the ability to edit, create, and rename critical PMI information for downstream use. Enhancing usability, the PMI Browser can be docked, dragged, expanded or collected into tabbed browser groups. Increased visibility on both the model and the PMI Browser is enhanced with transparency visibility settings.
  程序管理指令浏览器- 在单独的视图中浏览个别的程序管理指令、GD&T、尺寸或备注。滚动,编辑,管理程序指令数据信息包括使下游使用者有能力去编辑、创建和重命名关键的程序管理指令信息。增强使用性,程序管理指令浏览器可以被停驻,拖动,展开或缩小至选项卡式浏览器组。增强所有模型的能见度和程序管理指令浏览器透明能见度的设置。
  PMI Tools – Manipulate and use PMI including creating dimension and changing entity color with additional PMI tools.
  程序管理指令工具 - 操作和使用程序管理指令包括创建尺寸和用附加程序管理指令工具更改实体颜色。

4.Optimize Features:/优化特性
  Assembly Browser Options – Enhanced usability, the Assembly Browser can be docked, dragged, expanded or collected into tabbed browser groups; browser transparency option allows for easier navigation between part and assembly tree.
  装配浏览器选项 - 加强可用性,装配浏览器可以停驻,拖动,展开或收集到选项卡组;浏览器透明选项考虑到更简单在零件盒装配树之间的导航。
  Manipulate Assembly Structure – Now convert solid bodies to parts and convert multiple parts to assemblies and sub-assemblies. Create nested sub-assemblies or move parts from one assembly to another. Any assembly manipulation the exported file format from TransMagic.
  控制装配结构 - 现在转换实体到零部件和转换由几个零件到装配体和子装配体。创建子装配体或从一个装配体中移动零件到另一个装配体中。任何在TransMagic中装配操作都可以输出成文档。
  Rename Parts and Sub-Assemblies – Easily rename any item in the assembly tree including bodies, parts, sub-assemblies, top-level assemblies, and more.
  Open Part in New Document – Associatively edit assemblies by selecting part(s) or sub-assemblies, open them in a new document, edit, repair, add/delete data and save the changes back to the original assembly.
  在新文件中打开零件 - 联合编辑总成通过选取的零件或子装配体,在一个新的文件中,编辑,修复,增加/删除数据和保存变更到原始装配。
  JT Viz-Rep Assembly Support – Supports assembly hierarchy in JT Viz-Rep files such as robotic system line layouts. JT Viz-Rep Assembly hierarchy can be exported to other Viz-Rep formats.
  JT Viz-Rep装配支持 - 在JT Viz-Rep文件中支持装配层级例如机器人流水线。JT Viz-Rep装配层级可以输出为另外的Viz-Rep格式。

5.Analyze Features: / 分析特性
  Precise Positioning – Place parts in 3D space exactly. Import multiple parts in any CAD format, for digital mock-up, into a new file and place parts in the exact position and orientation required.
  Dynamic Dimensioning – Automatically selects appropriate dimension type for the selected geometry.
  View Browser – Save any view in TransMagic complete with the ‘state’ of the model and view properties. Select a saved view in the View Browser to recreate the view with exact fidelity.
  视窗显示 – 在TransMagic可以保存所有视图包括模型区域和显示特性。选择以保存的视图在视窗显示浏览器中再重新设定视图显示精确度。
  Enhanced usability, the View Browser, can also be docked, dragged, expanded or collected in tabbed browser groups. Useful for quoting, printing, presentations, reviewing, exporting to image formats/Excel/HTML, design reviews and reports.

6.MagicBATCH Add-On Features / MagicBATCH 附加特性
  Isolate Parts – Added isolate part (atomize) functionality allowing for mass and automated processes. Quickly and automatically extract all needed parts from a large assembly and “atomize” them into individual part files, especially useful for projects that require a file for every part in an assembly.
  隔离零件 – 增加隔离零件(分离)功能是为了考虑到质量和自动化进程需要。快速地和自动地从一个庞大的总成中提取所需零件和“分离”他们到单个零件,特别有用于将一个总成中所有零件分隔成单个零件并变成单独的文件。
  Editable File List – Select multiple files from multiple directories for processing. Fully displayed for management, add/remove files, re-order, and organize your BATCH process queue of files to be processed.

7.MagicCHECK Add-On Features /MagicCHECK附加特性
  Multi-Body Support – Load in two assemblies and compare individual bodies from each assembly one-by-one and complete with a wizard guide.
  支持多装配体 – 可以加载两个装配体并将装配体中的零件逐个比较并完成比较向导指南。
  Point Browser Options – Enhanced Point Browser can be docked, dragged, expanded or collected into tabbed browser groups. The Transparent visibility setting allows increased visibility on both the model and the Point Browser.
  定点显示选项 – 增强定点显示浏览器,可以停驻,拖动,扩展或合并到选项卡显示组。透明能见度设置功能允许增强模型和定点显示的可见度。

8.Technical Enhancements /技术增强
  Performance – Enhanced user experience with automatic version updates and automated, web-based licensing. New dynamic cursor aperture setting assists in speeding up multiple sections or making selecting smaller items easier. MagicCheck algorithm also vastly improved for increased performance and speeds.
  性能 – 增强用户自动更新和自动网上注册许可。新动态设置帮助提高多重截面或更容易选取小部件的截面。MagicCheck运算也极大的改进提高了性能和速度。
  General Settings – PMI enabled by default; re-organized options; enhanced stroke font.
  普通设置 – 程序管理指令可以默认;改编选项;增强字体。
  Technical Specifications – Supports DirectX 11.0 and OpenGL2.
  技术规格 – 支持DirectX 11.0 and OpenGL2。

9.Other File Formats and Versions Supported in R11 / R11 新增支持文件类型和版本
(1)3D ACIS Bidirectional – Version: Up to R25
     3D ACIS 双向转换版本升至R25.
(2)3D CATIA V4 Bidirectional – Read Up to 4.2.4; Write: 4.1.9 - 4.2.4
     3D CATIA V4 双向转换读取版本升至4.2.4;读写版本4.1.9 - 4.2.4
(3)3D CATIA V5 Bidirectional – Version: R8 – R24 & V5/V6 R2014
     3D CATIA V5双向转换版本:R8 – R24 & V5/V6 R2014
(4)3D CATIA V6 Bidirectional – Version: V6R2014
     3D CATIA V6双向转换版本V6R2014
(5)3D DWG Bidirectional – Version: R9 to 2015
     3D DWG双向转换版本R9 to 2015
(6)3D HSF Bidirectional – Version: Up to 19.0
     3D HSF 双向转换版本升至19.0
(7)3D IGES Bidirectional – Version: 4.0, 4.2, 5.2, 5.3
     3D IGES 双向转换版本4.0, 4.2, 5.2, 5.3
(8)3D JT Bidirectional – Version: 6.4 to 9.5
     3D JT 双向转换版本6.4 to 9.5
(9)3D Autodesk Inventor Read Only – Version: Up to Inventor 2015
     3D Autodesk Inventor 只读版本升级到Inventor 2015
(10)3D NGRAIN Write Only – Version: 3.2, 4.0, 4.1
      3D Autodesk Inventor 只写版本:3.2, 4.0, 4.1
(11)3D Parasolid Bidirectional – Version: Up to V26.0
      3D Parasolid双向转换版本升至V26.0
(12)3D Pro/E Read only – Version: Up to Wildfire 5.0
      3D Pro/E 只读版本升至Wildfire 5.0
(13)3D Creo Read only – Version: Creo 3.0
      3D Creo只读版本Creo 3.0
(14)3D Solid Edge Read only – Version: V18 - ST6
      3D Solid Edge只读版本V18 - ST6
(15)3D SolidWorks Read only – Version: SolidWorks98 - SolidWorks 2015
      3D SolidWorks只读版本SolidWorks98 - SolidWorks 2015
(16)3D STEP Bidirectional – Version: AP203, AP214, AP242
      3D STEP双向转换版本AP203, AP214, AP242
(17)3D TransMagic Bidirectional – Version: Up to R11
      3D TransMagic双向转换版本升至R11
(18)3D NX UG Read only – Version: Up to NX9.0
      3D NX UG只读版本升至NX9.0
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